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ECS have carried the full range of EasyStands for the past 10 years which includes Pop Up units, Banner Stands, Literature stands.

24 Hour Print Service from receipt of Artwork


World's favourite VERY portable graphic display system - 2 Heights Available

Strong, lightweight, aluminium frame in one piece, pops up in seconds to form a sturdy support for seamless graphic or fabric panels. Separate graphics or other exhibits attach with self-adhesive EasyGrip ™ hook-tape in seconds to our EasyFabric ™ panels. EasyGraphic ™ panels need no further decoration. They are themselves your message! At 2.24 metres (88 inches) tall, our standard size EasyPopUp ® is tall enough to get noticed, but not too tall to fit Easyly ™ into an exhibition shell-scheme stand. That's important for many exhibitors. Equally important for many brand owners is the "Retail" version of EasyPopUp ® at 1.9 metres (75 inches) tall. It conforms with many retailers' height-restriction for promotion displays.

  • Extremely portable
  • Pops up in seconds
  • Uninterrupted surface
  • Concealed panel mounting means no black margins or holes
  • Curved, Straight or both in one frame
  • Cover one side or both
  • Travels in its own case(s)
  • Powerful lights
  • Easyly re-configured frames
  • Make your own shapes
  • Complete Flexibility
  • Lifetime Guarantee

GUARANTEED not to break in normal use AND if you drive over it (!), any component can be replaced in seconds with just a single screwdriver. We don't use rivets - we use screws!
Any of our frames can be easily re-configured in size and shape with nothing more than a screwdriver.



EasyLight ™ 75 Halogen LV
EasyLight ™ 200 Halogen


EasyCase ™
features detatchable step-up lid
EasyDrum ™
40cm, 32 cm and 28cm diameter available
(15 3 / 4 ”), (12 5 / 8 ”) & (11 1 / 4 ”)


Case-to-Counter Conversion Kit
Convert your EasyCase ™ to a Counter in the Easyest ™
way possible. Cover travels inside, and so does the graphic if you add one. Nothing extra to carry!

EasyRoll Banner® King of roll-down / roll-up banner stands. The envy of the industry worldwide. EasyRoll Banner ® uses a strong spring-powered roller mechanism, storing and protecting your graphic inside for perfect, instant presentations time after time. The stable base with low centre of gravity needs no swing-out feet, so it actually occupies less floor space than many smaller stands. Only 23cm (9") of floorspace x banner width. Use 1 banner or 2 – Back-to-Back – inside just one unit! Sets up in seconds. Available in 5 Easyly Printable sizes 60, 85 (standard), 100, 120 and even a giant 150cm (24"), (33 1 / 2 " standard), (39 1 / 2 "), (47 1 / 4 ") and (59").

Easy Install

Fit the collapsible pole, pull up the banner and hook it on the pole, or use the pole to push up the banner, then slot the bottom of the pole into the base. To raise a second banner on a twin unit, pull on the pole to tilt the stand towards you as far as you like, which brings the top down to your level. 120cm & 150cm units have two poles, so need two people.


easy rollWe challenge you to compare the quality of EasyRoll Banner® with any of the industry's look-alikes.



Exhibition conference services. Exhibition Services,Ireland’s leading Exhibition,Event schemes,furniture,staging,AV hire.The ANY-width banner stand

EasyBanner® is EasyStands ® simplest and most flexible free-standing banner display. Lightweight, but not too light to be sturdy, and great value for money, making it ideal for instant promotional and point of purchase displays. Collapsable pole goes up in no time at all, and with the graphic separate, your promotional message is Easy to change as often as needed.

EasyRail™ at top and bottom enables instant changing of banners, on-site, anywhere, anytime, by anyone.

If you've used those ultra-lightweight systems which rely upon X frames under a lot of tension, you'll be relieved to see that your eyes are in no danger when assembling an EasyBanner®! So Easy, you have to wonder why others make it so complicated.

85cm wide x 215cm tall (or less) (33 7 / 16 " x 84 5 / 8 ")

How wide would YOU like to go?
EasyJoin™ seamlessly connects as many of these banners as you like, producing unbroken
graphics of any width, which transport in small bags.


EasyBanner® is ideal for low budgets, high volumes and large sizes.

Quick & Easy™ RollUp

Exhibition conference services. Exhibition Services,Ireland’s leading Exhibition,Event schemes,furniture,staging,AV hire.Quick & Easy™ RollUp 85cm x 200cm, (33 1 / 2 " x 78 3 / 4 ") single-sided retractable banner stand manufactured in dependable aluminium at a real budget price. High-volume users appreciate the economy of this model.


Literature standLiterature Stand
The ultimate in portability, this stand folds for transport with brochures still in it, and opens on arrival ready for instant action.


Same-day worldwide courier despatch service is available if ever components are required to repair accidental damage – seven days a week.

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